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onsdag 9 mars 2011

A study week on cultural heritage digitization

On February 21-25 2011, the programme Digitala Tjänster coordinated a residential study period in Borås for the students in the image digitization course (3 days) with a similar course in the international master's programme Digital Library and Information Services (5 days). The week offered lectures, discussions, workshops, group assignments and tutoring, with lecturers and tutors from The Swedish School of Library and Information Science in Borås, from the National Library of Sweden, from Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm and from the University of Lund.

The slideshow (here, if it doesn't show up below) provides some photos shot during the week (by Mats Dahlström and Audrey Drohan).

Monday featured introductory sessions and lectures on digital imaging (Jan Buse) and on legal aspects of digitization including intellectual property rights issues (Alen Doracic).

Tuesday was devoted first to issues of file quality & technical aspects (Bengt Neiss), and then to authenticity, selection and preservation (Lars Björk and Torsten Johansson). A workshop was set up to engage the students in problems digitizing particularly "challenging" types of documents.

On Wednesday, a small scale digitization studio was set up in the lecture room, connecting a camera live link to a computer and a screen projector. The lecturer, Andrea Davis, addressed digitization and digital imaging and then demonstrated live image capture on the screen by remotely managing the camera in the studio area. Students joined the digitization work and used e.g. daguerrotypes or comic magazine gadgets as objects for image capture to discuss particular problems.

On Thursday, David Hansson and Gunilla Wiberg presented the 101 on text capture, OCR and character encoding. Gunilla e.g. demonstrated some available OCR software and discussed particular problems with different kinds of documents and texts. Thursday also included an overview of text encoding strategies within digitization projects (Mats Dahlström).

Friday was devoted to an introduction to TEI and TEI Headers (Mats D) and finally to a lecture on the relationship between cultural heritage digitization and research communities, particularly textual and literary scholars (Mats D).

It was really a feast being able to bring the engaged students and the national digitization experts together for this week session!

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