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fredag 3 april 2009

Visit by Marie L. Radford I

[Jag skriver detta inlägg på engelska så att även Marie L. Radford kan läsa vad jag skriver.]

This Monday, Professor Marie L. Radford from Rutgers University in New Jersey came to visit the University of Borås. She met with the programme group to discuss virtual reference services, something which will feature in the master’s programme in various courses, but most prominently in the elective course we’re planning about digital cataloguing and reference services. She shared with us her experience of how course assignments can be used to also provide research input to professional activities. As we are planning to incorporate various ways of interacting between the master’s programme and professional activities, the group found these examples very inspiring. Professor Radford also held a seminar at the LIS department, entitled “Virtual Reference Services: Research to Promote Excellence”. She reported on findings from a large-scale study with librarians, users and non-users of chat reference services. You can download her slides here.

After the seminar, I had the opportunity to talk to Marie Radford about her research. You can listen to our conversation in two mp3 files. In the first one, which I’m posting here, Marie Radford shares her views on the current state and the future of virtual reference services. We also talked a bit about how librarians experience conducting reference work virtually as opposed to face to face, and how the services can be improved. This is really exciting stuff! So download the mp3 file and listen to it on your computer, your mp3 player, phone, etc. Perhaps it can provide inspiration on your way to or from work or on that forest walk over the weekend. And check out the blog next week to get the second part of the interview.

During her stay in Sweden, Marie Radford was keynote speaker at the conference Den kommunikativa bibliotekarien. You can find additional material on the conference blog.


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